Friday, June 8, 2012

What we've been up to...

This past week has been busy and full. There was the day trip to Elmer,NJ with friends to attend the Appel music festival.  A much anticipated arrival of Noni. upon which she successfully fed Juniper her first bottle of mama milk, which she took quite happily. There have been many many baseball games and the beginnings of swim team practices.  There was a trip to the strawberry farm to collect quite a few pounds of strawberries. Which are now boiling happily on my stove. There was a bit of sewing done with Annie, which resulted in a couple of sweet little felt taggie toys for Miss Juni who needs to put everything she can grab into her mouth. There was also a brief moment of sunshine one evening just before the sun set lighting up the tips of all the trees it touched turning them golden, it was beautiful and the photo below does it no justice as I was driving while snapping. Then of course there was the All Four on the Fourth photo.  I read about doing this back before Juniper was born and loved the idea. Ive got it plugged into my calendar with an alarm (ha!) to remind me each month on the fourth.  I take a slew of photos and hope for the best, but if nothing else it allows me to get a photo once a month of the four of them together. I keep it low key and dont push snapping as fast as I can before one or two make a break for it :) So far so good. We've had quite a few storms this week which resulted in some pretty awesome rainbows which at 33 years old I am still in awe every.single.time. I see one. 

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