Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 months...

note: I meant to post this last week:

Miss Juniper Grey 2 days old~feb 18

5 months old~july 18

This sweet little cherub of mine is 5 months old today. Each month is bittersweet as I watch her go from 
tiny newborn bliss to growing, changing, moving little girl
Its amazing how every single time each of my children are born how quickly they change and grow
I try hard to soak it all up as best I can. 
With all of them.
To take that ten second hug i might get during the day and just stop and savor it.
Soak it in and let it linger.
because I blink again and they are off,
the week has past, a month, a year.

Juniper is a happy little thing, who doesn't care much for riding in the car when she is tired.
Who has the greatest little laugh in which she sucks air in making this noise like she's kinda choking
 and then lets out a tiny giggle.
Who is so happy to just lay on the floor and chew, suck on her toys.
Shes also happy in your arms.
of course if shes a bit on the fussy side
she'll take any ones arms as long as there standing and moving
not sitting. 
Shes a mover, those little legs never stop moving unless shes asleep.
Shes also a sleeper, a great sleeper right from the beginning.
She reminds me a whole lot of her big sister Annie.
 She fits in our little (big?!) family just as perfectly as her brother and sisters do.
We love her to pieces. All of us.