Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Middle Girl...

This girl of ours
She keeps us on our toes.

She's funny, laugh out loud funny
and she knows it.
She makes me crazy in every way.
Both good and not so good.
Shes loud!
oh so loud.

She flits and floats and bounces 
when she moves.

Her expressions are priceless
her words extraordinary
Shes our third child
our middle girl
but she wont get lost in the shuffle in the day to day
(I did lose her once at the zoo) (recently) (shhh)
as soon as I realized I ran running to the last spot
She found me before I found her
She was B R A V E
didn't cry
just said "Mama, you left me, 
but I found you!"
This girl of ours is always going to find her way in life.
and she'll always find her way home too.


  1. wow...she found you w/out tears!
    that's a brave, strong girl.

  2. brave indeed! and she is precious, so full of life. enjoy!

  3. She is adorable and looks like she will live life to the fullest :)