Saturday, July 28, 2012


I listened to this podcast the other day, which I loved! 
and how it's still around but it's not being updated.
Listening to them talk got me thinking how it was about time my own little family went unplugged.
After discussing it with Jay we've decided to commit to it.
It's good to unplug to step away from the screens, the electronics that inundate our daily lives
On top of that we'll add in our Summer to do list on this day
as much as we can.
We've lived here for 10+ years and I'm more now than ever needing to seek out
all that I am surrounded by.
The museums, the state parks, the gardens, the swimming holes
the playgrounds, the sea glass beaches...

On top of that I am starting Field Trip Friday. 
Every Monday we'll pick our of a jar where we'll be going on Friday.
Gives us something to look forward to,
a reason to get out.
A break from the day to day.
A chance to explore this area, that still after all these years seems so foreign to me.
I don't want that for my kids
To see it.
I want them to experience it.
To know it, to have those memories of going here and there
to explore and learn about this place we live and call home.
It is after all part of why we homeschool.

I'm excited, and making lists.
I've been reading and stalking over here at Cyndi's blog
reading up on all the places she takes her two little ones
Lots of inspiration!

Tomorrow we'll eat breakfast at home, then head to the farmers market 
and then, I think we'll head to the woods, to hike and see waterfalls, and maybe just maybe find a swimming hole. 

Happy Weekending!

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