Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Savoring the moments ...

It's early afternoon now. Theres a tired, but finally content little bug in the sling. There are three children outside making a home for a very large beetle. Said beetle just came past me in a bowl as their new pet. "No cover on the bowl, no beetle in the house." Were the words out of my mouth.

The night was long with a sad. tired teething baby who could not rest. Another one woke with a night terror.

This morning after a short but sound sleep my oldest took the little bug (juniper) from this tired mamas arms still in bed, bringing her downstairs changing her poo-y diaper and then playing with her. I slept a few extra moments before rising for the day. Feeling grateful for this boy who's growing up~fast.

I had a few crafts in mind but I just can't seem to muster the energy, materials, etc to make it happen with them. The Olympics are taking their place. Specifically the one called "soccer in the water" ie. Water Polo.

Dinner is in the crockpot-a ham hock courtesy of my brother from a well raised, happy pig from Vermont.

There isn't a whole lot on my plate today. Maybe a meet up with friends to listen to some Zydeco A Go Go
later on this evening. Noni is on her way here and should be arriving tomorrow evening. The house tidying can wait till tomorrow. For now I'm off to watch "water soccer" sip iced coffee, and eat some leftover Chicken-kale handpies.


  1. what a beautiful babe.
    she looks so safe on mama.
    big hugs sweet one!

  2. Yes, being on mama is always good for their little souls.

  3. so peaceful. what a beautiful, calm face.

  4. I hope all that teething ends soon for you. Sleep is so important especially when it is missing!