Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday morning

It's Friday Morning
I woke to darkness, but it wasn't early. 
The sun was hiding, beneath a thick layer of clouds.
I found the coffee bought this morning by Jay, 
and was glad I didn't have to drink his Huckleberry flavored coffee again this morning.
The kids snuggled down stairs watching Scooby-doo, 
I made chocolate chip scones from here and
Decided it was a good day to try and make this for the kids.
I'm mentally noting that is almost ~mid-august~!
and wondering where the heck the summer went..
then feeling grateful, thankful and appreciative,
because we homeschool and our summer isn't necessarily ending with the start of school.
But also because our Summer has been full. 
It's been lazy, and relaxed too.
We've been getting out and going and doing.
We've been visited by family many times.
We've completed a few house projects, 
with thanks in part to my handyman brother.
It's time to make an End of Summer: GO SEE DO list I think.
The main one: A trip to New England. 
A much needed return visit to the place I called home, still call home.
To the cold Atlantic Ocean even when it's 100 degrees out.
Oh how I miss dipping my toes in those icy waters.
For now we relish in these dog days of summer where the heat stays and swells
Where the summer rains fall, heavy and earth soaking.
I'm off now another cup of coffee is calling as are those chocolate chip scones.
and Junebug is waking from her nap.
Happy day friends!


  1. i'm with you, wondering where summer went and yet so thankful that we always have the freedom to make room for creativity and such since we homeschool.

    if you make it to new england and the atlantic, savor it a bit for me, won't you?

  2. lazy, and relaxed - that's a good summer there. :)

  3. what a sweet post.
    I love that book, by the way. The Waters one. A great cooking bible.