Friday, October 19, 2012

3 am...

its been a long week.  the older girls seem to be over the hump and on the mend. i had really hoped juni would be spared the fever and coughs but alas my baby girl is nestled in my arms with a fever. she makes tiny noises and already i can hear the raspy-ness in her throat.  The window in the kitchen is open a crack, and the light rain has turned to a more steady downfall. my eyes should be heavy but they are not, so i write. but i keep my thoughts distant so as not to wake the ever present to do list in my head. i think healing thoughts for my baby girl, so that she can be strong enough to fight the croup without a trip to the er and even though juni is asleep, elizas febrile seizure is keeping me from heading to bed. im worried that she too might have one,  and i feel better watching her sleep.  shes nursing well and seems content, this is good.  eases my mind a bit. but still i worry.  well, the eyes are getting heavy so i think ill try to rest a bit before the sun wakes up...i see lots of baby snuggles in my future...

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  1. the first illness is always so scary. hoping you all have made it out of the woods and you're all on the mend, mama feeling well rested :)