Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today my oldest turned 9!
3,285 days ago
I gave birth and became a Mama for the first time.
I remember bringing him to my chest and saying "Hi"
and those big blue eyes just opened as wide as they could 
and eyes locked on each other.

He wasn't much of a sleeper unless he was next to Mama.
He was always going, his brain, his body
always thinking, moving.
He's a lover of life
of going, seeing, doing, experiencing.
He's good, great, Amazing at so many things,
he practices his heart out
until he gets it 
he exhausts himself and us until he gets it.
He doesn't give up ever.

He has tapped into the power of his mind
thinking it, wanting it, creating it. 
Once out in Colorado we up exploring some old mines
all he talked about was finding Gold.
We looked and looked 
but nothing
I told him to see himself finding it
envision it.
Later on while we were collecting old river stones near a mostly dried up river bed
he went off exploring,
coming back now and again with a list of things he had found
Then we heard him yelling,
and carrying something
he was all excited as he came up to us telling us he found a typewriter.
As he plunked it on the ground at our feet,
I said thats not a typewriter, thats a cash register!
"OOOHH maybe theres money in it!" was his first response
Immediately he reached for the drawer and yanked it open. 
A pile of papers filled one of the slots inside.
His father reached down and pulled it out.
Over 900 dollars was found that day.
He found his gold.

I really love that story, 
that memory
the look on his face.

This boy of ours makes me so very proud to call him my son.

As these days and years pass quickly I try to savor the moments
the little moments that are fleeting
So each time I get a hug,
a kiss{goodnight}
an I love you in front of his friends, 
I savor it.
Stick it deep into my memory.
Hoping that I can retrieve it down the road.
To stir this mama heart up and fill it to the brim with love.
Whenever I might need it/

Happy 9th Birthday Jaden 
I love you with all my heart,

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