Sunday, October 14, 2012


I had intended on a weekending post but just wasn't able to find a moment to sit down. I wish I could say we were all out enjoying the beautiful fall weather...

Instead there was time spent in the ER and Dr offices, two of my girls were in need of immediate care, over the weekend. This mama was being pulled in many directions, and on top of it all I was sick. It was all a bit overwhelming.

Today is much better there's a round of antibiotics happening,probiotics,
elderberry syrup and some homeopathic remedies are on our daily to do list. Chicken soup is on for dinner and currently we are all on the couch watching a movie.

We are resting, staying quiet, mending, healing, and hopefully moving on from weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed, the littlest of the family does not get the same virus and that tomorrow we are well enough to celebrate a certain Boy's 9 yr journey around the sun! Theres something about turning 9, the last year before double digits, that seems to be stirring lots of emotions inside my heart.

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