Sunday, October 7, 2012


::This weekend::
There was only one soccer game instead of two.
There were quiet moments shared between a mama and her non napping middle daughter while she took a mid-day bath.
We tailgated with friends and family, and some of us never even went in to watch the game
The day started off very warm,  but quickly turned into a very chilly evening.
I realized I'm finally ready for Autumn, and that we need to head out soon to pick apples before we miss the season!
This morning we woke to grey cold skies.
That non napping middle daughter slept till almost 10 this morning.
I made coffee....a few times and it kept getting cold before I could drink it.
The boy brought some things over to sell at his Aunts house and got rained out. He's pretty bummed about it.
There's piles of laundry waiting to be washed,
and the seasonal switch of clothes needs to take place as well.
It's a good day to just hang out, rest and play.
Leftover burgers from yesterday means tonights dinner is going to be meatloaf.

Happy weekending friends!

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