Tuesday, March 17, 2009


She's 3 !!! I just can't believe it. Our sweet little Annie is 3 a big girl now. Though still very petite and small. I feel like she just grew into her two year old self not that long ago and now shes 3 and looking tiny again. Ah well, she is healthy and strong and still eating like it may not be there tomorrow! She is such a light in our lives. So sweet and kind, so snuggly and loving. Always laughing at herself. She looks up to her big brother just as I remember doing with mine. Copying his every move, she stands up for herself and lets it be known when she is not happy. She is really starting to come into her own these days more and more. She wanders off just chit chatting away either on a pretend phone the real phone or anything that suits her. She is going to be a great big sister already showing off her mothering skills with Max (the 1 yr old I babysit for)

So today we celebrate Annie because she is 3!

Don't they look like twins in the photo up above? They don't normally look so much a like but for some reason they do in that picture. She is wearing her birthday crown that I made last night. A craft from a book written by this women. My camera battery died after taking this picture so I will get some more up of her as soon as they charge.

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