Sunday, June 24, 2012


via amanda at The habit of being.

Yesterday there was an early morning baseball practice,
time spent cleaning out my very very messy car,
we have a system...
I take everything out,
he vacuums and washes
it works.
There was also a family walk to the coffee shop,
an afternoon iced coffee was in order after the all day affair of cleaning out the car
because once it's cleared out I still have to put all the stuff away
and believe me there is always a lot of stuff.
The evening brought us to the estate where Jay works
for a gathering of food, friends, and fireworks.
A good time was had by all,
and we all came home sleepy and full
ready for bed.
Today some of us slept in,
there was coffee and pajamas next to a happy baby,
I love how happy the little ones wake up, ready for the day,
talking a million miles a minute.
There was bacon and eggs from my brothers animals up in VT.
There pig was named Macon, because they were macon bacon Ha!
love that.
The only thing better would have been if they were from animals that we raised,
hopefully someday soon.
There will be a few loads of laundry done and some tending in the garden

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I REALLY need to clean out our car too. But like you the idea of all the "stuff" that will need to be put away makes me procrastinate! I so wish I woke up like my little one....asleep one second the next wide awake and chattering and running around. All with no coffee!! :-)

  2. Your car cleaning technique sounds good to me. Mine is more like I empty, dump, mop and clean and the hubs and kiddos dirty it again ;o)
    Your weekend sounds lovely and nothing like iced coffee to finish off a nice day ;o)

  3. Love that photo of the sky. Looks so relaxing. Our vehicle needs cleaned out. Not looking forward to that.

  4. sounds lovely! and i love your car cleaning technique :)