Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nana Nana....

Two weeks after Juniper was born, the Six of us piled into our car and headed  17 hours south.  Our first stop was Florida to gather with family to celebrate may Grandmothers 80th! Birthday. It was wonderful, and many tears were shed as we surprised her with almost her whole family gathered.

Our next stop was 11 hours Northwest to Alabama. A visit to see Nana Nana (Jason's Grandmother)
She hadn't been doing well, and we felt it was important for her to meet Juni and for us to all see each other again.

While there I snapped a bunch of photos on my phone with the intention of mailing them to her

That never happened, I dragged my feet.

Two nights ago this sweet loving women passed away.

The kids all took the news differently
Annie buried her head in my chest and cried
Jaden was quiet.

Eliza holding true to her funny little self
after seeing that Annie was sad informed her that 
"it's okay Annie, Nana will be back soon!
She just went out for lunch!"
Not realizing I was talking about Nana Nana

Annie wanted to giver her the picture she was coloring; 
Jaden offered words of wisdom to Annie 
saying that she would still be able to see her in our minds
and that we can look at pictures of Nana Nana 
and we can dream of her in our sleep
It made her feel better.
But she still wanted to give her the picture she drew

I edited these pictures yesterday and let the kids look at them last night
I told Annie we would make a book of pictures of her as well.
The kids didn't get to see her very often 
but due to some weddings 
and a big birthday party over the years they and us were able to see her almost once a year.
For that I am grateful.

 They also have their memory's 
 of her kind and gentle spirit
and her strong southern Alabama accent

We love and miss our Nana Nana


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so hard for children to know how to handle losing a Grandparent. I remember being really confused about the whole thing, and I too didn't see my Grandparents very often..we lived far away.

    Your children will love that they have these pictures to cherish.

  2. Sending you so much love. She looks so sweet. Agreed, the pictures will make wonderful keepsakes for the kids.

    1. Thanks Cory, theres a memory book in my mind to make for the kids and my husband...just need to dig out some more photos.